Scaladays '15: Meerkat Parsers

June 9, 2015

Meerkat Parsers

An expression language

It’s common to formulate grammars in BNF-like formats and let the combinator generate the parser out of it.

Parsing as a search problem.

Parsing is like trying to get through a a maze: there is dead ends.

Head recursion

Methods: Backtracking schemes

Nondeterminism and Ambiguity

Being non ambiguous does not always require being deterministic

Objective: Near-linear performance on near-deterministic grammars

Separation of Lexing and Parsing


Combines the power of general parsing with disambiguational parsing and combinational filters. The best of both worlds: parser generators and parser combinators.

Paper: Faster, Practical GLL Parsing, CC'15

Shared packed parse forest

Build parsing trees and share subtrees. We need to make it binary.


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